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Knits, knits, knits! Oh how I love thee!

I really do. Love knits that is. I love how the stretchiness of the fabric is so forgiving and comfortable to wear.

I’m always on the look out for good patterns that are designed for knits and not always finding the ones I want. I am however always finding patterns that look like they would work just fine for knits and often better than any other fabric. I’ve been finding more and more patterns like this lately. I wonder if these patterns are being designed for wovens or as I like to say, “non stretchy fabrics” because people are uncomfortable attempting to deal with knits?

ImageTwo patterns that would transfer well to knit fabrics

I do admit that I have had my fair share of trouble sewing knits and I have had many wadders that have ended up going the way of the dodo. If it isn’t the fabric it’s the sewing machine or more likely the serger acting up. Oh, the fun, but with practice it does get easier. Don’t give up!


New Look 6814

These pants were designed for a woven and to be a loose pull on pant. I turned them into a fitted pant by taking in the hips, waist and inserted exposed zippers on both hips. I loved the contrasting pop of color! Unfortunately in taking these in I didn’t leave enough seam in the rear and they failed on me after my third wear. I didn’t think I would do them again just yet with another satin, so I turned to a lovely grey knit!

ImageNew Look 6814 in a knit

Ta Da!!!!! I have a hard time not wearing these every day! They are the ultimate in comfort and they don’t look like yoga or lounge pants unless I’m dressing them down. These pants dress up easily with a button up shirt and some fancy shoes. I will at some point be making this pattern again and I will be doing it in a knit again and I think I hear a colorful sating calling my name… I’ll just have to remember that seam allowance!

And this is what the cat does while I edit pictures!

And this is what the cat does while I edit pictures!


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