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Winter Tulip Skirt

I’ve had a stretch black velvet with silver flowers hanging around my craft room for about a year now. Four beautiful yards of lovely, smooth to the touch stretch velvet… just waiting to be turned into something. I had originally bought it to make a upscaled version of an infinity dress. I’ve been wanting an infinity dress for quite some time, but since I’ve had it for a year and haven’t used it…. It was time to do something with it! So this is where New Look pattern 6735 comes in.

I decided that a cadigan/jacket (is cardigan even the right word? It doesn’t have buttons…) would be perfect. So I went ahead and cut it out and…. it’s been sitting in my sewing room. Well, no worries I also happened to cut out the skirt in the same fabric. I figured that if it would be overwhelming I would not have to wear them together. Separates are great to have and I need some!

It sewed up on my serger like butter! I had to take an inch out of the seams overall to make it fit. Instead of sewing a casing for the elastic I serged the elastic to the inside of the skirt waistband. I wanted to avoid unnecessary bulk and it worked great! I will probably never wear the skirt with a shirt tucked in, so it works fantastically.


This skirt turned out great and I absolutely love it. In fact I wore it out with my amazing husband on Valentine’s Day. We went up to Fredericksburg, TX and we went to a vintner’s dinner at the Herb Garden. A four course meal, so absolutely delicious, and I was very stuffed and quite drunk by the end of it. hehehe Not exactly planned, but I’m a light weight and the beginning courses were small.  We had an excellent time and will hopefully be repeating it in the future. Do check them out!

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures before I go!



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