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Some Musing and Coffee

I’m starting the day with my coffee. Ahem. Coffee and Baileys. I guess it should be clarified that I’m starting the day with absolute deliciousness! I know, I know, but I’m not going anywhere for quite a while! So, perfectly safe to drink my deliciousness. As I’m drinking it, I’ve been trying to decide what project I’m going to tackle, if I’m going to, and when! Yes it has been one of those weekends where I’m quite all right doing absolutely nothing!

I have several ideas simmering in the back of my head and one of them has already started it’s journey. I started working with M6372 view A and cut out most of the fabric I would need to construct this darling. The bottom layer is a merlot colored china silk and the upper layers is a white fabric with flowers that are the same merlot color.


Unfortunately it needed to be lined! The upper layers aren’t long enough to quite hide how sheer the china silk can be. And I wanted this skirt to be truly lightweight so I could smock the waistband instead of inserting an elastic waistband, so my lining needs to be just as lightweight. Luckily my mother has all sorts of odds and ends of fabric! Lo and behold she has a lightweight white silk! Perfect! Now I just need to cut it out and sew!!!!!

I’ve fallen in love with this pattern. So many options and all so cute. It calls for wovens and really recommends cotton, which is perfect if you want the elastic waistband. Lighter cottons may work for the smocking, but I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe later! I also think this would look adorable made out of a knit. Maybe the perfect pattern for stash busting those knit remnants that hang around? The combinations that can be made in colors and prints would be endless! This would be perfect for those of you who love bold and daring prints! Making this out of a knit may well be my next project, but I also have made a commitment to start using more of the lovely patterns I own before I can buy new ones.

And there are several I am yearning to buy!

Sol Hoodie e-pattern

Long sleeves! Thumb holes! And it’s a hoodie, go me!

I love the details and it looks so vintagey. The pics of the completed ones are just darling. Go check it out!


So vintage and that bust shelf is hot! Thanks so much Gertie for making such awesome patterns!

So many patterns could be put here, but I’ll stop for now….

Tell me what’s next for your projects? Sewing or not, just tell me! I’m curious?


3 thoughts on “Some Musing and Coffee

  1. first, I ❤ the last pattern! second, you know how much I crochet, so that's what has been taking up my time. I'm actually finishing up a baby capelet in a pretty pale yellow. I like it enough that I may be making some for my girls! I've also got my PLARN dog-mat I need to finish at some point. Have you happened upon any good maxi skirt patterns??

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