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A New to me Machine

I’ve developed a love for vintage items. Realistically I’ve always loved them, I was just more drawn to antiques versus the newer vintage items. As far as sewing goes I decided I wanted an older machine to sew leather and pretty much anything else. I went looking and came across a Singer 99-13 and snatched it up. It’s a beautiful straight stitch machine without reverse and it stitches with the tiniest stitches that you would have to see to believe! The largest stitch is no larger than what my modern machine could do, so for leather it would probably work. I’ve only used the machine a handful of times and the last time I used it the tension was all out of whack. Because it is a drop in bobbin, it seemed impossible to adjust. Being that it was a year since it got maintenance I took it in to Gromes for them to oil, clean and adjust the witch machine so that I could use it if I so desired. They do an amazing job with sewing machines, vintage or new.

Which made me start to think about whether or not the machine suited my style of sewing. It only does a straight stitch, no reverse, and a drop in bobbin means almost no chance of creating shirring. I mostly sew knits, so no zig zag stitch was a a big con for the machine. Yes, I have a serger, but I don’t always want to use it for everything and since it doesn’t have a coverstitch I can’t hem most items on it. I can live without the reverse, but it sure does make my life easier! And last, but not least, I like to add shirring to items that don’t have stretch. I like to take a pattern that calls for a zipper and add shirring to the back. Voila! Stretch!  I think she’ll be for sale shortly.

Seeing as the cons seemed to call for research and possibly a newer older machine… I went looking! And look and see what followed me home!


Followed me by way of Fedex!

It’s a Morse Button Hole Zig Zag machine and this baby weighs right around 40 pounds! She’s not going anywhere and solid as a rock! Four different zig zag widths and as many as 30 stitched per inch with the least being six per inch. The feed dogs have three different settings: silk, normal and tack. Button holes! It can make up to an inch long button hole, but I suspect that there is an issue with this feature. I can move it over into the setting, but not out of it unless I take the top off the machine.The manual says it can be easy to mess this setting up if you don’t follow instructions and those are pretty vague….


Morse machine are made in Japan and most models were duplicates/copies of models in production by other companies. The Morse 200 deluxe is basically a Singer 99-13. Not sure if mine is an original to the company or another copy, but either way mine is the first I’ve seen of it’s model on the interwebz. Luckily enough the seller had researched the manual and had the link on where to buy it.  It can accomplish some beautiful stitches with time and practice.

Look at what can be done with this machine!

Look at what can be done with this machine!

This is straight out of the manual for the machine. Want to see more? I have just a few to bore you with!

morse manual-2420

morse manual-2419

morse manual-2414

morse manual-2413

I’m currently sewing a skirt with this machine and can’t wait to start on the next project! I can’t help, but glance at my vintage patterns when I’m working on projects with this machine. Here’s a sneak peek at some of them.



They’ll have to wait a bit as I have several other projects waiting in the curtains. Come on back by to see what’s next!


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