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Murphy’s Sister and a Skirt

A while back I posted about a skirt that I was in the process of sewing. It’s finally finished, but let me tell you about it! Pretty much anything that could go wrong did. The first thing was the bottom layer that was supposed to be a merlot colored china silk didn’t cut correctly and there was not enough to cut again. Silk is slippery stuff and I have learned my lesson. Cut carefully, precisely, and have extra! Extra makes perfect sense until I get used to using the stuff and get used to it I will! So the  merlot colored silk was replaced with a navy blue sheer gauze. Thankfully I had a fabric that matched the upper layers of fabric. Otherwise the hunt for more silk would have been on!


The next thing is the waistband. First I run out of the elastic thread for smocking and have to run to two different Wal-Mart’s on Easter Sunday night to get some so I can hopefully finish it to wear the next day. I finish the smocking and attach the waistband and it turns out that I need to take the waistband in. I had to take about four inches off it before it was snug enough. So it’s easy enough to say that I didn’t get to wear it the next day. I was able to take the waistband off the skirt that night but not take it in. The next morning I was able to take it in enough to attach it to the waistband and then….! The silk lining is now having fits at me. The serger stitches were too close together so it was actually cutting the fabric in places. I ended up sewing a wide and large zigzag stitch below the serger seam so I could actually have a skirt.  And finally Success:



Sorry about the squinting here. There was just enough glare to make pictures hard for me to take.

I had planned on lining the china silk since it was slightly sheer. It ended up being a good thing since the blue I ended up using is completely sheer. If I had planned on using the blue I would have used another blue, gray or even a black to line it, but the white does work. Next I wanted the waistband to be smocked, so that I didn’t have to use solid elastic. So much more comfortable! I also wanted the waistband to be taller than the pattern called for and I didn’t want the elastic threads against my skin. Easy fix! Cut out four of the waistband instead of two and stitch them together prior to sewing the smocking and sandwich the elastic thread against each other and away from my skin. Success! I also used the rolled hem feature on my serger for the first time ever. Or at least the first time I was successful.


See? Fantastic! And I hemmed the upper layers before attaching to the waist to avoid bulk while hemming.

So does Murphy have a sister that causes every sewing mishap? or is it covered by Murphy? Hopefully she/he has played with me enough to leave me alone for a while!



2 thoughts on “Murphy’s Sister and a Skirt

  1. its super cute! I was actually out at joann’s today looking at fabric for a maxi skirt. Decided to wait just a bit because I’ve got a big crochet order I still need to finish, but its definitely in the back of my mind, just waiting to be made!

    • It’s still on my mind too! I had someone from work ask me today if I would help them make a maxi skirt. I really can’t decide between making a top next, which I really need, or making the skirt. I’ll decide at some point I’m sure. 🙂

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