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An Adventure in the Making of Undies

I’ve been meaning to post about this for quite some time. I was super excited when Mrs. Depew Of A Few Threads Loose announced that she was going to do a sew along and it was for her Ma Cherie French Knickers! Not only was she doing the sew along, but she discounted the pattern and produced a paper pattern for those interested in participating. I of course jumped for the opportunity since I have been intrigued by the idea of making my own underwear for quite some time. I just hadn’t convinced myself that the Kwik Sew patterns I had would do.

I bought the pattern and immediately started thinking about what fabric I had that I would consider using. I didn’t want to start out with any silk or even satin since they are both shifty, squirelly fabric. Grrr! I decided on a deep purple rayon fabric that I had been given from someone else’s fabric stash. Great fabric to cut out and none of the problems that come with satin. After cutting them out and sewing up the major seams I realized that my 44 inch hips were, well not 44 inches anymore. I had lost around two inches of my hips and thighs. Yeah! So I had to take the sides of those puppies in. I was pretty excited about it!

The issue with taking them in was I had cut the length for the larger size, so as I took them in the sides no longer matched up. To solve that issue I used my rotary cutter to trim the excess off on the edges of the back. I made sure to take off an even amount and to try to keep the pattern true to the original lines. Even with that they look more like very short running shorts. But they are so comfy!

TwirlDesigns Ma Cherie French Knickers front

Do you see the shiny trim on the bottom edge of them? I was given some metallic yarn that is basically embroidery floss. I decided that I would use some of it with my serger to finish all the edges off with. It looks great and is a very soft finish. The only issue with it was spinning it up so it was useable. That stuff is slippery! It’s the equivalent to satin or silk in fabric.  Let me know if you Twirlers would like to see close up pictures of the trim or even a short step by step of how I used it.

See? Short, shorts!

See? Short, shorts!

I’ve been meaning to make another pair, but this time a bit closer to my true size! I have some pink scalloped lace that I want to use and I’d love to have some out of stretchy fabric.  There will be other versions of these in the future. You just may not see them on me! I’m also planning on making another pair out of this same purple material because I have a pair of shorts in the works that I would wear them with. I am going to be making myself a pair of Flapper Shorts made by The Makers Journal out of the same fabric. So if my underwear show for some reason they will match!

TwirlDesigns Ma Cherie French Knickers

Right now I’m working with my first vintage pattern. Here’s a sneak peek at which one it is:


If it goes well, I may end up cutting this out of swimsuit material and shortening the skirt. Maybe I’ll have a neat swimsuit for this summer? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “An Adventure in the Making of Undies

  1. Adorable! They do look like shorts, but I could use a pair of lounge shorts just like that! Now I am going to have to check that pattern and sew-a-long out!

    And the vintage dress would make for a really sweet swimsuit, I think it is a grand idea!

    • Thanks! Do check it out! I really like her patterns.

      It surprised me but the dress was originally designed to be a swimsuit! The lining has bloomers built in! I’ll be using my cotton version as a sundress though and without bloomers!

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