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Maxi Skirt for the Fun of it!

A while back I had a friend ask me if I knew of any good patterns out there for a maxi skirt. I started looking and found several tutorials and a few online classes that featured a unique variety of maxi skirts, but none of them quite got my attention. Instead I kept looking and working on other sewing projects. Until I was working on making a t-shirt dress out of a lightweight knit I had bought using McCall’s 6654, but that’s for another post. Using the pattern made me realize it had an A-line maxi and a pencil skirt version. Silly me I had the pattern all along.

All I had to do then was decided on the fabric and see if I had enough of it. My first choice was a light blue with a short line of tiny teeny weenie polka dots spread out in a pattern on the fabric. Rolled it out, measured it, and there isn’t enough. So on to my second choice a plum colored fabric with white polka dots! I was excited about the polka dots but not so much about the color. I’m never very excited about purple, but plum I will wear on occasion. The color seems to be growing on me more and more though, or maybe it’s just the skirt itself.

TwirlDesigns maxi skirt 6

I wore this Saturday evening and most of Sunday as my second wear for Me Made May ’13. I have a habit of finishing something and wearing it as soon as I’m done with it. It is super comfy and has plenty of room to move since I chose the A-line. I worry that it may be a bit hot in the later summer months since it is a spandex/lycra mix.

I used my serger almost exclusively for this pattern and it turned out great. I made a few changes to it. I didn’t hem the bottom, however I did serge it with matching thread. I almost ran out! Thankfully bobbins will work for sewing on the serger! I also had to do my normal and take about an inch off at the waist and taper back into the existing seam about three inches down. I don’t have a set length for this. I just check to see how much I need to take it in at top and angle the fabric so my seam will run into my original seam. I hope that makes sense for those that sew and maybe even those who don’t! The last change was the elastic and the waistband. I decided I didn’t want to make a casing for the elastic and that I did not want it to fold to the inside. So I stitched up the elastic and sewed it to the right side of the skirt. I know have a three-inch wide elastic waistband.

TwirlDesigns maxi skirt 7

Sorry I’m not looking at the camera much. I’m super sensitive to the sunlight and it’s impossible for me to have my eyes open without my sunglasses.

I ordered a Janome Coverpro 1000 CPX this weekend and it should be coming in by the end of this next week! I’m so excited!!!! It means professionally finished hems! I want to be able to hem this skirt up as one of its first projects. The reason for that is I would like to be able to wear this skirt a bit lower on my hips. I’m mostly stuck to flats, so the length has to change a bit for that.


I created a Facebook page for the blog if you want to hop on over and follow me there. You’ll get to see my projects as I work on them and other little tidbits that pop in my head throughout my days! One last picture and then a few questions for you!

TwirlDesigns maxi skirt

Do you have a coverstitch machine? Do you love it or hate it? And what brand is it? And now for the most important question: Does that waistband need some plum colored polka dots? Let me know what you think!



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