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Another Spin on the T-shirt Dress

I think I’ve put off writing this long enough. I know I have more than a few people waiting impatiently for this post right now as I type. So here it is. The t-shirt dress:

twirldesigns tshirt dress front

You can find tutorials on making this dress all over the internet just by searching for t-shirt dress tutorials. I had found one of the tutorials well over a year ago and had tried it with no success. After having a friend express interest in them I decided to give it another go. I made quite a few changes to the tutorials I found. After doing it with a woven fabric with no stretch and failing miserably I decided a knit was the only way to go.

So I called a friend and off we went to lunch and then to a few stores to get the supplies I needed. I picked up several Women’s Perfect Rib-Knit Tanks from Old Navy to use.  From there we went over to Joann’s fabric and I looked through the selections of knits they had. I wanted a lightweight knit that would not weigh down the tee too much. I only found the one that fit the description. I grabbed two and a half or three yards of it.  A successful shopping trip!

I brought it home and washed and dried the fabric and the tees, so I wouldn’t have to worry about either shrinking on me. Clothes shrinking is probably the one thing I detest about ready to wear fashion. If I buy it to fit I can’t dry it and that means laundry takes forever! Take that RTW! The clothes I make won’t shrink! From there I picked the pattern that would give me the A-line shape and decided where the skirt would begin and the tee end.  Next I measured myself  just below my bust and at my hips, so that I could choose the right size in the pattern. I decided to use McCall’s 6654 view H.  I should have cut out a 12 and tapered to a size 14, but I cut a straight 14 and ended up tapering while I sewed. I was still worried at that point that I might have to add elastic to the dress to keep the skirt from pulling the tee out of shape. Luckily enough, it wasn’t necessary and all that was left was finishing the hem. Since it is a knit and won’t fray I left the hem alone initially. I later went back and tried to do a rolled hem on it, but it was not cooperating with me so I have let it be.

twirldesigns tshirt dress side

It turned out to be an easy to sew project that has brought me many compliments. I hope to make a few more before summer is done. What do you think of these amazingly high heels? I can’t truly walk in them for very long because of my hip, but I had to be able to say I’ve worn them after having had them for more than a year!

twirldesigns shoes


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