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Me Made May ’13

I thought it might be time to wrap up my Me Made May ’13, so here goes nothing! This was the first year I was able to participate and the second year I had any idea of the occasion. I followed several bloggers last year and loved the idea of wearing your own makes for a month. I loved participating even more. Here is what I have learned from it:

  • I’m not always great at getting a picture of what I’m wearing. I took pictures of two out of four outfits. You’ll remember that I set a goal to wear one self-made item one day on the weekend.
  • I sew more when I want to wear my own clothes.
  • Even now that the month is over I am finding myself gravitating towards the clothing I have sewn. I love this!!!!
  • I find myself more and more interested in the indie pattern makers (Grainline Studios, Jamie Christina, and Papercut Patterns amongst many) instead of the Big 4. (Vogue, Butterick, McCall’s, and Simplicity/Kwik Sew)
  • I want to be able to participate more next year and hopefully there will be more pictures!

TwirlDesigns MMM13 3

TwirlDesigns maxi skirt 6

May was a really busy month for me and when I say busy I mean jam-packed with no time to spare for anything else!  Every single weekend was planned from the beginning of the month and not much changed as the month went on. This also meant that if I didn’t have enough notice…well, it didn’t happen. Sorry folks, sometimes that is just what happens. 🙂 This month looks to be a bit more relaxed. So here’s hoping I get some more sewing in! I’m looking forward to making myself a swimsuit this year. Not just any swimsuit, but the Bombshell Swimsuit by Heather Lou over at Closet Case Files. Go check her and that pattern out! I look forward to sharing it and many other patterns with you!


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