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My Bombshell Muslin

I had been eagerly awaiting the release of the Bombshell Swimsuit by Heather Lou over at Closet Case Files and had to buy it as soon as it came available! She hosted a great sewalong that was as helpful, if not more so, than the directions that came with the swimsuit. I was a little slow starting and finishing this project. It took me nearly a week and a half to sew this. I was sewing in small chunks of time and switching between three, yes THREE, different sewing machines. What did I get myself into? But the extra effort and time made the final result look so great!

TwirlDesigns bombshell-4550

I feel like a total babe in that shot! This was my test or muslin for the pattern to get an idea of the sizing. I used a 12 for the top and graded out to a 14 for the hips. I think I needed a 10 for the top and grading out to the 14 on the bottom, but I may be able to get away with the 12 on bottom. I’ll remeasure myself in the next few days, since I suspect some of my weight loss has come from my hips. I won’t complain one bit about that either! The fabric was something I have had in my stash for quit some time and it feels like it is a cotton spandex rather than a nylon spandex, so it may not stand up as well as it could to chlorine. It really only has to last another week or two until I make my next bombshell and I can’t wait to get started! This pattern makes me so excited!!!!

Moving on to the construction of said bombshell, since I brought it up earlier. I used three sewing machines and it felt like it was time-consuming, but really it was because I was dragging my feet about switching thread around. I can be a lazy sewer and this was one of those times that slowed me down. So before I go to much further, let me talk about those machines a bit. I started out trying to use my vintage Morse, but he just couldn’t handle the straight stitches on the knit fabric. That made me very sad, but my modern Bernette saved the day! It’s a Bernette 25 which is the top of the line for the Bernettes and was the first machine I purchased. She had no problems with any of the basting stitches or anything else for that matter. It was the first time I have used her for something other than filling a bobbin in months. Poor thing, she was probably feeling just a bit neglected. The next machine I used was my Bernina serger and like normal, with a check of the manual, we were sewing smoothly. The last machine and the one I am the most excited about is my coverstitch machine!!! I love this machine! I could never bring myself to use twin needles on my bernette and really wanted to be able to hem my knits better than I had been. I used it on the final stages of the elastic and on the band below the halter top. It turned out well I think.

TwirlDesigns bombshell-4546

Look at my hair! It has gotten so long. 🙂

I used woolly nylon in the looper of my serger and the coverstitch machine. I’m a convert after using this stuff! The additional stretch is amazing! And after doing some research about if it could be put onto a bobbin I will be able to sew the next Bombshell much faster. I won’t have to switch thread nearly as often! Or at least that is what I am hoping for. Keep your fingers crossed for me will you? The next version is slated for a brown fabric with a turquoise pattern on it. So not my normal pick, but it looks stunning. The final version will be in a white fabric that has yellow and pink flowers on it. I can’t wait to cut into both fabrics!

TwirlDesigns bombshell-4542

I imagine I will be making my way to the neighborhood pool much more often now that I have a swimsuit that fits so well. I will be making a few changes to the pattern, but they are fairly minor. The elastic that is below the bust is sewn on with little to no stretch and it really needs some. I need it in the back more than anything. I kept having the back elastic flip out even though I had sewn towards the bottom edge of it, so more stretch! The halter cups really needed to be a size smaller and I will probably end up sewing the straps to the back of the swimsuit. My neck is pretty wonky and I can’t handle too much pressure on it. I have already gotten so many compliments on this swimsuit and I can’t help but grin a bit! Thanks for the compliments and thank you Heather Lou for making this pattern available! I really can’t tell you how much I like it!

Off I go!

Off I go!

I’ll have a few more pictures of the swimsuit up on my Facebook page. Go check them out!

twirldesigns bombshell-4603

Fun at the pool with great friends! I can’t wait for more!

8 thoughts on “My Bombshell Muslin

  1. This is just awesome! I’ve never sewn a swimsuit and haven’t bought a new one in three years because I can’t find one that fits right….
    Finding quality fabric is my worst fear. Spending all that time and energy in the search and creation, then not to mention cash, scares me.
    You’ve got me thinking about it, again, though!
    Beautiful job, great photo shoot!

    • Thank you! Closet Case Files has several recommended sites and as long as it is a nylon spandex/lycra(same thing really) it will work just fine! I ordered from Hancocks since my local store didn’t have the fabric I ultimately wanted. I have had the same problem with store bought, not to mention the need to buy two different sizes!

  2. A muslin?? This is the best looking muslin I’ve seen! Your creation inspired me to buy the pattern even though I am scared to death of sewing for myself lol! I think this looks fantastic! Super job!

    • lol It has become a bit more than a muslin, but I still have fabric waiting to be sewn up into another swimsuit. The sewalong posts and the included instructions really do make it easier than it could otherwise be. Good luck on yours and happy swimming!

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