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Pocketless Tiny Pocket Tank

I think I stared at the title for this blog for longer than it will take to write it! So here goes nothing:

Before starting to sew my Bombshell I had cut out and started to sew my Tiny Pocket Tank by Grainline. I love all of the indy pattern designers that are popping up and I wanted to be able to partake in the fun of making a few up. Hopefully I’m not too late to the party or if I am I’m only fashionably late.

I looked at the sizes and after making two unfinished muslin I moved on to what I figured would be the final project. I chose to make a size six because my fabric had some stretch and I didn’t want to end up with something that was too loose. With the help of the muslins I knew I had to draw (silly me) and pin the darts correctly and that I may have to scoop out the underarm portion of the armhole.

I have had six yards of a very bright floral stretch cotton waiting on me to do something, anything with it! I bought it through Denver Fabrics in their discount section. Sorry there isn’t any left! I think I paid a total of $20.00 for the six yards, so all in all, a very good deal. Even with the fabric being outside of my normal selection the fact that it had stretch appealed to me. My mom will tell you how often I have selected a floral fabric. Almost never! And yet they are appealing to me more and more. So why with six yards did I make one tiny tank? Because it is the lightest drapiest fabric I had on hand without buying anything new or using a knit. And really I think it is still too stiff for the pattern.

How did I get this far without a picture?

How did I get this far without a picture?

And yes I decided to play with doing a hi-lo hem on it. I used my styling design ruler to determine where I was going to trim and then smoothed out the transition from front to back. If anyone is interested I can document it more the next time I do it. I love the hem other than the fact that it really needs form-fitting pants. The ones in the picture are the only ones I have. It’s July in Texas. JULY! Denim in July does not happen and neither do long pants! That very fact almost makes this shirt unwearable for me. I’m in the process of trying to making some for myself using a Bonfit Pants Patterner I found on craigslist last week. Keep your fingers crossed for me that It will turn out decently.

This is a fun easy pattern that I need to sew up a few more times!

Pattern changes:

Hi-lo hem

Scooped the underarm out and marked the pattern for next time

Binding ended up being facing (I took too big of a seam to start with and I wasn’t taking it out!)

Other than that I have been tracing patterns and trying to decide what I’m sewing next. More on that in my next post, but for now some more pictures:

TwirlDesigns hi-lo tiny pocket tank (1 of 1)

I need to sew up some camis to wear with this. Anything that is polyester creates the worst cling ever!

TwirlDesigns hi-lo tiny pocket tank-4681

I thought I might never be able to wear this because of the darts, but push up bras saved the day!


2 thoughts on “Pocketless Tiny Pocket Tank

  1. I love the pattern on this! Very fun and summery! I also think the high-low modification was a good choice. It really adds something extra to the shirt.

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