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Shorts and Playing With a New Fabric

After continually seeing ponti knits all over the place I decided it was time to play with one. From everything I understood about ponti it is a knit with very minimal stretch and that is very true.  I found some and it was a semi glossy black that almost looks like the cheapest polyester you can find. I told myself that stretch made up for it….maybe?

Since it does have very limited stretch I knew I would have to be careful of what pattern I chose. What better than something designed for a woven? I’m in short supply on shorts this year and every year, so it was past time I made some!

twirldesigns shorts1

I chose Simplicity 0328 (1808 on the website) since they didn’t need a zipper and looked fairly straightforward. Straightforward they are, but they have some major fit issues for me. I chose the size that had an inch and a half of ease for the hips, which turns out to have been too much for me. I had of course forgotten that equaled two inches of ease! I lost half an inch off my hips and I’m still not remembering it! The hips and waist turned out a bit loose because of it. The good thing is that the thighs would have been too tight if I had gone down a size. There are pleats in the front that also pull funny and create pouf right where it isn’t wanted and the hips and waist being too big does not help.

twirldesigns shorts2

Despite all that, they still manage to look good and even better are comfortable to wear. I may attempt this pattern again, but I would change several things:

Lower the waist

omit the ties (did that this time also since I don’t tuck many things in)

grade to the smaller size in the hip and waist

Not too many changes and they may make a very wearable pair of shorts for me.

twirldesigns shorts

What are your experiences with ponti? Any tips or tricks for the next time I use it?


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