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Sewing for Winter…


What winter? After all I do live in sunny southern Texas! We are even now still experiencing highs in the 90s and above. We do get some cold days, but most would say we have mild winters. More than just a few cold days, since I am such a wimp when it comes to the cold, but this year me and the hubby will be doing some traveling during the colder months. We will be visiting family and some amazing friends, who we consider family. I’m looking forward to it and above all I am looking forward to time spent with people I love!

But, because of that I want to have some more winter clothes on hand before we go and that means sewing it now. I decided I wanted a few different jackets, long sleeve shirts, leggings, and a skirts and dresses that would go well with leggings and/or tights. Some of this I could buy at a store and be just fine, but some of it is almost impossible for me to find at stores. Long sleeve shirts mostly. I am somewhat claustrophobic and tight sleeves will freak me out! Some days I will be fine with wearing them and other days I will start gasping for air as soon as the shirt is all the way on my arms. I’m hoping that I will be able to make some shirts that will be loose on my muscled arms! And above all else, Me Made May made me realize I like to make and wear my own clothes versus buying it.

So to start my planning I made a Pinterest board! And I made my first out of the items I want to make. Leggings!

twirldesigns leggings

Don’t I look thrilled!

The leggings were made with McCall’s 6173 and after having read a few other blogs I knew I would have to cut a smaller size than the recommended since I was using a four way stretch jersey.  I had the large/extra large on hand so I knew I was going to be taking these in some. Annnd I did. Somewhere to the tune of four to six inches off to make these snug. I lowered the waist enough to make a casing for the elastic. This was probably the worst waist I have ever put together. I figure most people won’t see it, so I’m not worried. It had better stay together, though!

twirldesigns leggings1

That wrap was knitted by my very talented mother!

My only dislike was how high the waist ended up. It sits on my waist instead of slightly below it like I was hoping. I went ahead and adjusted the pattern piece, so the next pair will hopefully be where I want it. The next pair is going to be made out of a grey jersey and I’m thinking about maybe doing a brown pair.

These will be easy to wear with longer tops and they are thin enough to go under skirts and dresses if I don’t want to bother with tights. Both a win in my books and a good start to sewing for winter. Up next is a pair of flannel backed satin pants. My husband’s pirate costume pants are made with a double layer of the same fabric and he is thrilled with them! Just thinking of this fabric makes me look forward to the renfair and makes me want to cuddle!

So what are you thinking up for fall/winter? Any special projects?


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