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Drumroll Please!

And the Pattern Pyramid goes to:….

Marie over at A Stitching Odyssey!

I’ve been enjoying her makes for a while and I have to share a few favorites with you. Her neolithic hawthorn actually makes me want to make this dress right now! In reality I just really want some of that lovely fabric! The degree I had started and as yet unfinished was in anthropology and the fabric reminds me of how much I enjoyed my classes. Her hazedale is such a sweet combination of fabrics and patterns! Go check her out! Right now, but make sure you come back here!



I thought you might like to see where I’m at on the muslin for the pattern I chose. I chose Vogue 7588 which only cost $0.75 at the time it came out! I wish I could buy a pattern for that now! If you’ll remember I had a few changes drawn out, but my first go was for no adjustments at all. And I think it will turn out well with only a few minor adjustments. I have the front (partially) and half of the back completed. So I pinned it to my bra and grabbed a few shots for you.

Vintage muslin TwirlDesigns-0403

woops! Please forgive the dirty mirror!

It’s pulling a bit from being pinned, but over all it looks good from this. I won’t really have a good idea until I get the back and sides done. At the least I foresee taking the sides in some and maybe adjusting the gathers. What do you think?

Vintage muslin TwirlDesigns-0405

That neckline will most definitely be changed. I haven’t decided if I want to just lower it or lower it and change it. I’m leaning towards a neckline like that of the new Anna Dress of  By Hand London. I’ve recently acquired a few patterns that have a sweetheart bodice, since I would love to have the sweetheart bodice underneath and the upper fabric a sheer over layer.


Please ignore the bow!

Butterick 5853 is one I grabbed for the sweetheart shaped bodice. I will likely have to add that center section back in to the other pattern piece to avoid strange lines. I like the ability to color block a dress out of this pattern because of the way the pattern pieces are pieced together. And yes, I know that damn bow is utterly ridiculous. You will never, ever see that on me much less near me. That bow will be omitted and the pattern pieces themselves may be lost forever!


This is one dress I will have to make for myself eventually! Go check out the other pics! This view has a peplum tail that runs down the back. It reminds me of tuxedo jackets in a feminine way! This will more than likely be my base pattern to make the changes to the vintage V7588.

But enough about me! Marie I will be contacting you shortly to get an address to send off these lovely patterns. I can’t wait to see what you pick out of the lot!

Have fun twirling!


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