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Three Wishes Pajama Pants

A long time ago, in a sewing room far, far away…. I fell in love with Vogue 8584 and that, I think, is where the fairy tale ends. I have wanted to make this pattern, but I have an ingrained fear of using my Vogue patterns. The first pattern I used from them did not end up turning out well and I still feel the sting.  I am slowly dipping my toes into the waters, but it is a torturous sloooow process. I even bought V8882 and have one of the skirts cut out, but have I started to sew it up? Nope! But this post is about pants, not skirts, so let me get back on topic. I came across a Simplicity pattern that is very similar in styling and I grabbed it up to make my vision come true.

Simplicity 2414 came to the rescue and helped me create my genie pajama pants or my three wishes pants! I knew I wanted to make view A with the gathered ankles and that they would be made out of the flannel backed satin that I have had waiting for at least as long as I have been wanting to attempt the Vogue pattern. And this is the end result:

TwirlDesigns satin pajama pants-0473

I couldn’t help but pair them up with my fav Star Wars shirt! R2D2 will always make me giggle. I can almost always hear him at a convention before the people around me. If you like unique tees you should go check out Teefury. They have one tee a day that is a play on a topic/movie/character etc. I have bought multiple star wars shirts for my hubby. I still have one that I need to refashion for myself! But back to the pants, these came together very well once I gave up on doing them on the sewing machine. For all that they have flannel on them, they are still satin and satin frays like the devil! I couldn’t get my tension right on my machine with a long stitch and I was unwilling to risk these falling apart  because the stitches caused it to tear. So on to the serger! It saves my sewing projects more times than I can count! After doing a quick fitting by placing the fabric up against my legs, I realized I didn’t have a lot of room to play with. I didn’t bother with the normal seam allowance and instead took off the very edge and sewed them up with little to no seam allowance.

TwirlDesigns satin pajama pants-0456

It was a good thing I had not used the normal seam allowance, because there is no stretch in the fabric and they feel tight if I bend down at all. These are perfect for lazing about the house, reading a good book, and best yet snuggling up with my honey! The feel nice and smooth on the outside and oh so soft on the inside! This is the same fabric I made my hubby’s pirate pants out of, except they were black. I think that if I had the same trouble with getting the tension right for his pants I may not have made mine.  I’m glad I did make them! They will be a great addition to my fall/winter wardrobe. I even think I may be able to dress these up as well as down. What do you think?

TwirlDesigns elastic-0446

For the ankles I decided I did not want to have to worry about my laces always falling out, so I attached the ribbon to elastic. I then tied a bow out of the ribbon and trimmed the edges of the ribbon to the desired length. I hand stitched the bows in place, so hopefully they will last through at least a few washes. My one mistake was the buttonholes for the drawstring. I normally mark the back of the pattern with a pin and I don’t worry about it until I need to do something with the back. Somehow the pin marking the back fell out or I took it out without meaning to. Since I didn’t check the rise very well my drawstring holes were put in the back… and I didn’t notice until the waistband was sewn all the way up. To make up for my mistake I made a bigger bow for the back of my pants! So, Bows!

TwirlDesigns Bows-0477TwirlDesigns Tiny Bow-0485

TwirlDesigns Bow-0482

Since I feel like these are very reminiscent of Aladdin and I Dream of Jeannie, I feel like I need to find myself a magic lamp to rub. My three sewing wishes would be:

The Anna dress designed By Hand London!

A dress form!

And last but never least, unlimited time to sew!

And with that I will leave you with one last goofy picture of me.

TwirlDesigns satin pajama pants-0476

Can I blow you a wish?

What are your three wishes?


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