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Busy, Busy, Busy all the Time

And so I have been, busy that is. I have been busy with sewing and life. First lets talk about sewing and then maybe we can move on to other subjects.

twirldesigns new look kimono tee front-

I made New Look 6217 view B. It’s a simple kimono top intended for wovens. I chose to trace the size 12 for the top and grade out to the  size 14 around the bottom. After sewing the back and the shoulders together I was unsure if the size 14 would be enough to go around my hips and not bunch up on top of them. No one wants a bunchy shirt when it should be smooth! I decided that if I left the last two inches and a smaller seam allowance I could make it work. Anyone else hear Tim Gunn just then? Probably just me. And it did!

twirldesigns kimono tee-

After trying it on I decided that I didn’t want to lose any length, so out came the vintage bias seam binding tape. Whoo, that’s a mouthful! My sisters had grabbed a bunch of vintage patterns for me and unbeknownst to them there was all sorts of fun sewing stuff below some of the patterns. I had nothing that matched, but the grey looked great and didn’t stand out too much. The white I grabbed really did stand out. To make everything match I decided to use the binding on the neck and sleeves and even put my own unique touch on it.

twirldesigns new look kimono tee closeup-

I used one of my machines special stitches and made sure it was the thread that matched the fabric! I used the teeny tiny buttons to hide my ends and the mess I made of the hook and eye. I’ll get better at it the more I use them, but for now I’m happy with this.

As much as I like the idea of this top the reality is that I am not thrilled with it, but first the good:

  • Everything matched up.
  • No set in sleeves!
  • It used stash fabric
  • I used another pattern!
  • It’s wearable

And the bad:

  • It would have been much better in a knit
  • the sleeves ended up a bit tight. If you have any muscle in your arm size up for the sleeves!
  • I should have lengthened it by two inches.

I hadn’t realized that the good outweighs the bad. Blogging about it makes this top a bit more wearable for me. I have worn it for Me Made May ’14 and yes I am participating this year. I am not documenting it nearly as much as last year. It has shown me that I need a few more pairs of shorts and some less casual wear. I have plenty of lounge wear and I end up wearing that pretty much every week. I need more tops like this one and pants. I hate shopping for pants and really do not look forward to the idea of making jeans either. Maybe with Sewaholic’s Thurlow I will feel a bit less frantic about making pants and even jeans. So for the next few weeks I will be focusing on casual but comfortable basics. I recently bought several of Papercut Pattern’s new line. Anyone want to guess which ones?

In other news:

I’m off crutches! I am using a cane for long distance and any stairs I can’t avoid. I’ll take that over crutches any day!!!! I’m progressing in physical therapy and hopefully soon I will be back to hoop dancing like I did before the injury. Hopeful I’ll be back with another finished project soon!

Enough rambling! What have you been up to?


2 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy all the Time

  1. What a great use of your decorative stitches. I thought it was decorative ribbon trim when I first looked at the blouse. I love this top, so simple but when you added your stitches it brought up the ante and turned it into fabulous!

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