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Merry Christmas

And happy holidays to all! I said I had more projects to share, so share I shall. Today I want to share a project that I finished recently. My family tries to go to the renaissance fair every year. We love to go in costume and I needed to piece together a new one. My old one is a bit small right now.

I’ve been trying to decide on a pirate costume to go with the one I made for my husband. I’ve been torn on whether I wanted a skirt or bloomers. It, of course had to have a corset which my mom supplied so I needed my bottoms to match or at least not contrast badly. Not having a lot of time, I decided on finding a bloomers pattern that would work. I had a hard time locating one that was a ready made pdf or print that I liked. Ultimately I ended up drafting my own from these instructions. (That links directly to a pdf download with drafting instructions)

This first pair was meant to be a muslin. I feared that I would have to change a few spots. I have been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they ended up being, even without those changes. I do need to make some adjustment to the rise and to the rear of the pattern. They tend to try to give me a perpetual wedgie. I think I need to take some of the pattern off from the crotch seam and add it to the side seam. I’m not sure this fix will work, but I already tried adjusting the crotch curve on a second muslin and it wasn’t enough. Any ideas on the fix that will work?

I made these out of a rayon that I had in my stash that was destined to be pants. Since the pattern is drafted as one pattern piece for front and back I had to cut it out on the cross grain to make the pattern fit. Luckily I wanted them shorter and the pattern fit. The sewing was straightforward and I love that there is a separate waistband for your elastic. I wish I had folded the bottoms up a bit more before sewing the elastic into the hem. I fear that eventually that seam will give out, but at least that is easily fixed when it does. I did not end up adding any lace since I thought these would not be my final product. I ended up running out of time to make the final pair and as of right now I’m still fine tuning the pattern.

We didn’t end up going to the renfair, but I should have a decent pirate costume for next year. As of right now I’m on my second muslin and I imagine there will be a third. I have raised the rise and adjusted the crotch curve so far. I think I need to raise it more and adjust the back differently. I have already worn these as lounge wear and even went out into public in them! I completely forgot that I had them on. I can see adjusting the pattern to make these out of a knit.

I look forward to completing a full costume for next year’s renfair!







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