Miss Bossy’s Flirty Skirt

My time in my sewing room has been limited for the last month and a half, but I managed to finish my miss bossy project for The Monthly Stitch. I had asked for everyone’s input as to which one of three patterns I should sew for the March Challenge over at The Monthly Stitch. Of the three the favorite was McCall’s 6842. It was the pattern that I was hoping would win the vote all along. I couldn’t wait to sew it up! However, there was one little surgery that kept me from my sewing room for a good two weeks and even after that I was limited with how much I could sew. On a positive note, I needed the surgery and my hip is doing much better than before. I’m even in much less pain and that includes being sore from physical therapy! I’m still on crutches, but I’m hoping to be off them this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

twirldesigns flirty skirt-2673

Back to the skirt! You might be looking at it and thinking that fabric was never on the blog and you would be right. I had a minor catastrophe while sewing the houndstooth fabrics up. My serger knife ate them! Grrr! Both of the pieces are curved and you have to ease them together as you sew to make sure they line up. Both of the fabrics were heavy enough that they didn’t want to ease together easily and before I realized it my serger ate the fabric. I was so mad that I didn’t want to risk using my butterfly fabric, so I grabbed a fabric that I was ok if it didn’t turn out. To my surprise it sewed up well and I love this skirt! I want to make at least two if not three more.

twirldesigns flirty skirt-2676

This pattern was designed for wovens and not stretch fabrics I made a few changes. I traced and cut out a size smaller than recommended and I cut the back piece on the fold. Make sure that when you make a change like that you remove the seam allowance on one side of the new pattern piece. Since you won’t be inserting a zipper or center back seam you will only need the SA for the sides. I was lazy and didn’t hem this and I finished the waistband with black foldover elastic. Such an easy way to finish knit waistbands!

twirldesigns flirty skirt-2680

You can get an idea of how well this skirt moves and flows with these pictures!

twirldesigns flirty skirt-2677

The only changes I might make to this pattern is to lower the waist about an inch. If I wasn’t trying to pattern stash bust I would be making another one of these right now! On that note I have something to admit: I bought patterns, but it the perfect pattern parcel! So it was for a good cause! I am also making some changes to my sewlution for this year. I had wanted to only buy patterns after I had made three unused patterns. I realized this wasn’t the best way to address my stash, so here is what I’m doing instead. I will no longer buy patterns from McCall’s or Butterick. I am lumping Vogue in with them as well, however I will consider buying if the pattern is unique. From here on out I want to only buy indie patterns and the occasional Simplicity pattern. Hopefully this way I will be able to limit getting patterns that will not sew up well. Anyone else change their sewlution or resolutions this year?



Maxi Skirt for the Fun of it!

A while back I had a friend ask me if I knew of any good patterns out there for a maxi skirt. I started looking and found several tutorials and a few online classes that featured a unique variety of maxi skirts, but none of them quite got my attention. Instead I kept looking and working on other sewing projects. Until I was working on making a t-shirt dress out of a lightweight knit I had bought using McCall’s 6654, but that’s for another post. Using the pattern made me realize it had an A-line maxi and a pencil skirt version. Silly me I had the pattern all along.

All I had to do then was decided on the fabric and see if I had enough of it. My first choice was a light blue with a short line of tiny teeny weenie polka dots spread out in a pattern on the fabric. Rolled it out, measured it, and there isn’t enough. So on to my second choice a plum colored fabric with white polka dots! I was excited about the polka dots but not so much about the color. I’m never very excited about purple, but plum I will wear on occasion. The color seems to be growing on me more and more though, or maybe it’s just the skirt itself.

TwirlDesigns maxi skirt 6

I wore this Saturday evening and most of Sunday as my second wear for Me Made May ’13. I have a habit of finishing something and wearing it as soon as I’m done with it. It is super comfy and has plenty of room to move since I chose the A-line. I worry that it may be a bit hot in the later summer months since it is a spandex/lycra mix.

I used my serger almost exclusively for this pattern and it turned out great. I made a few changes to it. I didn’t hem the bottom, however I did serge it with matching thread. I almost ran out! Thankfully bobbins will work for sewing on the serger! I also had to do my normal and take about an inch off at the waist and taper back into the existing seam about three inches down. I don’t have a set length for this. I just check to see how much I need to take it in at top and angle the fabric so my seam will run into my original seam. I hope that makes sense for those that sew and maybe even those who don’t! The last change was the elastic and the waistband. I decided I didn’t want to make a casing for the elastic and that I did not want it to fold to the inside. So I stitched up the elastic and sewed it to the right side of the skirt. I know have a three-inch wide elastic waistband.

TwirlDesigns maxi skirt 7

Sorry I’m not looking at the camera much. I’m super sensitive to the sunlight and it’s impossible for me to have my eyes open without my sunglasses.

I ordered a Janome Coverpro 1000 CPX this weekend and it should be coming in by the end of this next week! I’m so excited!!!! It means professionally finished hems! I want to be able to hem this skirt up as one of its first projects. The reason for that is I would like to be able to wear this skirt a bit lower on my hips. I’m mostly stuck to flats, so the length has to change a bit for that.


I created a Facebook page for the blog if you want to hop on over and follow me there. You’ll get to see my projects as I work on them and other little tidbits that pop in my head throughout my days! One last picture and then a few questions for you!

TwirlDesigns maxi skirt

Do you have a coverstitch machine? Do you love it or hate it? And what brand is it? And now for the most important question: Does that waistband need some plum colored polka dots? Let me know what you think!


Murphy’s Sister and a Skirt

A while back I posted about a skirt that I was in the process of sewing. It’s finally finished, but let me tell you about it! Pretty much anything that could go wrong did. The first thing was the bottom layer that was supposed to be a merlot colored china silk didn’t cut correctly and there was not enough to cut again. Silk is slippery stuff and I have learned my lesson. Cut carefully, precisely, and have extra! Extra makes perfect sense until I get used to using the stuff and get used to it I will! So the  merlot colored silk was replaced with a navy blue sheer gauze. Thankfully I had a fabric that matched the upper layers of fabric. Otherwise the hunt for more silk would have been on!


The next thing is the waistband. First I run out of the elastic thread for smocking and have to run to two different Wal-Mart’s on Easter Sunday night to get some so I can hopefully finish it to wear the next day. I finish the smocking and attach the waistband and it turns out that I need to take the waistband in. I had to take about four inches off it before it was snug enough. So it’s easy enough to say that I didn’t get to wear it the next day. I was able to take the waistband off the skirt that night but not take it in. The next morning I was able to take it in enough to attach it to the waistband and then….! The silk lining is now having fits at me. The serger stitches were too close together so it was actually cutting the fabric in places. I ended up sewing a wide and large zigzag stitch below the serger seam so I could actually have a skirt.  And finally Success:



Sorry about the squinting here. There was just enough glare to make pictures hard for me to take.

I had planned on lining the china silk since it was slightly sheer. It ended up being a good thing since the blue I ended up using is completely sheer. If I had planned on using the blue I would have used another blue, gray or even a black to line it, but the white does work. Next I wanted the waistband to be smocked, so that I didn’t have to use solid elastic. So much more comfortable! I also wanted the waistband to be taller than the pattern called for and I didn’t want the elastic threads against my skin. Easy fix! Cut out four of the waistband instead of two and stitch them together prior to sewing the smocking and sandwich the elastic thread against each other and away from my skin. Success! I also used the rolled hem feature on my serger for the first time ever. Or at least the first time I was successful.


See? Fantastic! And I hemmed the upper layers before attaching to the waist to avoid bulk while hemming.

So does Murphy have a sister that causes every sewing mishap? or is it covered by Murphy? Hopefully she/he has played with me enough to leave me alone for a while!


Winter Tulip Skirt

I’ve had a stretch black velvet with silver flowers hanging around my craft room for about a year now. Four beautiful yards of lovely, smooth to the touch stretch velvet… just waiting to be turned into something. I had originally bought it to make a upscaled version of an infinity dress. I’ve been wanting an infinity dress for quite some time, but since I’ve had it for a year and haven’t used it…. It was time to do something with it! So this is where New Look pattern 6735 comes in.

I decided that a cadigan/jacket (is cardigan even the right word? It doesn’t have buttons…) would be perfect. So I went ahead and cut it out and…. it’s been sitting in my sewing room. Well, no worries I also happened to cut out the skirt in the same fabric. I figured that if it would be overwhelming I would not have to wear them together. Separates are great to have and I need some!

It sewed up on my serger like butter! I had to take an inch out of the seams overall to make it fit. Instead of sewing a casing for the elastic I serged the elastic to the inside of the skirt waistband. I wanted to avoid unnecessary bulk and it worked great! I will probably never wear the skirt with a shirt tucked in, so it works fantastically.


This skirt turned out great and I absolutely love it. In fact I wore it out with my amazing husband on Valentine’s Day. We went up to Fredericksburg, TX and we went to a vintner’s dinner at the Herb Garden. A four course meal, so absolutely delicious, and I was very stuffed and quite drunk by the end of it. hehehe Not exactly planned, but I’m a light weight and the beginning courses were small.  We had an excellent time and will hopefully be repeating it in the future. Do check them out!

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures before I go!